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Website Development

MSD provides web services that include planning, design, presentation, development, deployment, and support designed to reach your locale or the world.




Adding a new website for yourself, your church, organization, or business is an important decision that creates your first contact with people all over. There are many things that must be considered in order to make this first impression one that you believe will get your message across to those who visit it. In order to make this a positive introduction, there are several questions you might ask yourself and your staff.

Q: What kind of presentation do we want to use to portray our church or orgaization?
A: Visual impact created by your website is key to gaining and keeping the attention or visitors to your site. This part of the planning should involve how you want to portray yourselves and your message.

Q: What do we need?
A: Normally small organizations will need the basic website that includes five pages and email addresses for your staff.

Q: Do we need a logo or image we want to use to make a lasting image in the minds of our visitors?
A: If your currently have either one of these or both, they can be added to each page of your site to keep this image in front of the reader.  If you do not, you will want work with us to design one that will reflect you and your organization.

Q: How much is it going to cost?
A: The price of a website is no longer in the tens of thousands of dollars. They have become affordable for even the smallest organizations. Although the price does vary based on the complexity of the site desired, it can be held down several ways. The average personal web site can be launched for costs starting at $250.00 and small business sites can start at $500.00. Large and Enterprise size sites are negotiable and can include e-commerce, database, and most any other enterprise site requirements.

You can contact us to see what kind of site would fit your needs and your budget.

Q: What examples do you have?
A: The following are examples of websites we have developed: