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Software and Data Services

Software Installation and Setup

Application software, office suites, graphics packages, development software,
games, and other off-the-self packaged software will be installed and configured to
work at its optimum efficiency.

Verify compatibility BlueCheckMark BlueCheckMark
Install software and associated updates. (Internet service must be available for On-Site update service.) BlueCheckMark BlueCheckMark
Create shortcuts as requested. BlueCheckMark BlueCheckMark
Test basic functionality of software installation. BlueCheckMark BlueCheckMark

Fees are for standard commercial off-the-shelf software package installations
for local use. Price includes up to 3 standard softare package installations.

Complex and server type software (ie. accounting software, CAD software,
network enterprise software) will be quoted on request.

Additional standard commercial packages can be added at the price of $15.00
per title.

Data Backup / Transfer

A backup of your data can save you a lot of trouble in the event
of a computer system failure, or other causes that you may not fore see.

Transfer your data from one computer another with a minimum of
downtime and data loss.

Backup / Transfer data from one device to another. BlueCheckMark BlueCheckMark
Organize data as requested on computer to computer transfer. BlueCheckMark BlueCheckMark
Configure backup software / devices if supplied by owner. BlueCheckMark BlueCheckMark

Additional fees may be required for data larger than 100GB.

Backup prices do not include price for removable media/devices
(ie. CDs, tapes, flash drives), or software not currently installed
on system.


Prices are limited to a 20 mile radius from downtown Fort Worth, Texas,
and does not include disconnecting and/or packaging (system return is included
in base price).

Distances further than 20 miles will be quoted based on distance.


Let us help you with your software and data needs.